Use Google Image Search to Save Money

Using Google Image Search to Save Money

Here’s a little tip, one of the Four Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online.  This tip is about using Google Image search to compare prices.  This is for those times when the thing you’re trying to buy doesn’t have a specific name that you know of, so you can’t just type into Google, or Google Shopping. All you have to go on is a picture.

I’m using the example of a light which I saw and liked on Achica. This light actually has a name (Ballo 20 Light Flush Fitting by Firstlight), but often on the internet I see things I like and they don’t even have a brand name, let alone a model name. But often retailers each use the same manufacturer’s image in their shops, meaning you can trace it…and compare prices.

Light Fitting on Achica

Although Achica is a flash sale website, that doesn’t mean that the prices are going to be the best you can get. This light is a good example: the Achica listing says the Recommended Retail Price is £330…and probably it is. But nobody I found was selling it for anywhere near that much. Meaning that Achica’s discount price might actually still be higher than other shops, not less.

All you need to do to find other shops selling this item, is right click with your mouse on the image. A little box will pop up – select “Search Google with this image”:

Right click for Google Image search


Google will return a page which hopefully looks like this, with a list of other places on the internet which feature this image:

Google Images Search Results


Some of the search results will be shops. Then it’s just a matter of visiting those shops and seeing how much they’re selling the item for. First up, Ark Lighting….selling it for more:

Ark Lighting Screen Print


Then Lights on Lights Off…also selling it for more:

Lights On Lights Off Screen Print


Then bingo…Online Lighting, selling it for 20% less and free delivery:

Online Lighting Screen Print


Sometimes you might come across a little problem: you’ll find that the item picture is one of those zoom-enabled ones. You know, when your mouse goes over the picture, it lets you to zoom in on the photo. Sometimes these zoom-enabled photos won’t give you the “Search Google for this image” option. There are a few ways you can get round this, and here are the two simplest ways, as demonstrated using the Castlegate Lights shop:

Solution 1:

Go to a page in the shop where the product image is shown as part of a list of products, rather than individually. Then you can use that smaller image to right click—>Search Google for this image.

Castlegate Lights Listing Page

Solution 2:

When you right click on the main zoom-enabled image, select the option “Copy link address”. Then open a new tab or window in your browser, and paste the link address into the www. address area (the area shown highlighted in yellow below). This will then bring up the image without the zoom function, and you can use Google Image search on it as normal.

(If you’re not sure how to paste: either hold down the Ctrl and the V buttons on your keyboard at the same time  or Click your right mouse button and select the Paste option which pops up in a box.)

Right Click on Zoom Image

Once you’ve tried it a couple of times it only takes a few seconds each time – and it’s really worth it if you end up saving loads on something you love!

Ps. Before you buy from any shop you haven’t tried before, do your best to check if they’re trustworthy first.

Until next time x


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