How to Make Nasty Cutlery Look Like New

How to Clean Stained Cutlery - thumb

My cutlery was getting embarrassing…..specifically the teaspoons. They were clean, as in, washed well with soap and water. But they didn’t look clean. They had nasty looking brown stains on them, and one day I was making a cup of tea for a friend and I looked down and thought “I really hope she doesn’t notice this spoon, she’ll think I’m making her a filthy cup of tea”. I mean, would you want to drink a cup of tea in someone else’s house which you saw being stirred with this:

Barkeepers Friend - Before

So it went on my mental to-do list. I thought I might need new spoons, but first I’d try Barkeeper’s Friend.  And here were the results:

Barkeepers Friend - After

Barkeepers Friend Before and After


All you do is sprinkle a bit of the powder onto a damp cloth (I used microfibre) and rub. Comes up lovely! It took away all those horrid brown tea stains, really easily.

How to Use Barkeepers Friend

By the way, you don’t really need to use as much as the photo above shows – I squirted out a bit too much in the picture. That’s the only problem with the powder version….unless you’re extremely careful, too much comes out. It comes in  cream formula too, but when I asked the lady in Lakeland what she thought would be best for cutlery she advised the powder.

Barkeeper’s Friend can be used on all sorts of other things too: “work surfaces, ceramic and stainless steel sinks, china and glassware, ceramic hobs and glass oven doors,  cookware, chrome, plastic, Formica, tiles grout, copper and brass”. It’ll almost be fun trying it out!

How to Clean Nasty Cutlery


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