Alternatives to Ikea Kallax (Expedit) Boxes

Ikea Kallax Expedit Boxes

I seem to remember that when I got our Expedit unit a few years ago, it was really hard to find anything other than Ikea boxes to fit the spaces. And the Ikea baskets I got were more than I really wanted to pay (£15 starts to mount up when you need several!)

But I needed some more boxes for our Expedit recently, and this time there seemed to be a lot more out there to choose from, which might fit quite nicely. Here are some that I considered (they come in more colours/patterns than I’ve shown here):

Boxes Which Fit Ikea Kallax Expedit

1, 4 and 6: £7 from Matalan.

3 and 5: £7.50 from Wilko. Comes in Chocolate, Red, Apple (shown) and Cream (shown…wonder if the Cream colour is that dark in real life?).

2 and 7: £3.99 from H&M online. Comes in Pink Spot, Yellow Spot, Pink Stripe, Grey Stars (shown), Blue Dinosaur (shown), Sports Balls, and Birds/Butterflies. Plain colours are £2.99 and come in Black, White, Red, Light Green, various Pinks, various Yellows and various Greys.

These boxes aren’t made for the Ikea Expedit/Kallax so there are variations in the measurements by a few centimetres. I figured 1 or 2 cms smaller either side wouldn’t bother me. Here are the dimensions so you can form an opinion yourself:

Ikea boxes: 32cm or 33cm wide, 32cm or 33cm high, depths vary from 33 to 38cm.

Matalan Boxes: 32 x 32cm or 33 x 33 x 31cm

Wilko Boxes: 30 x 30 x 30cm

H&M Boxes: 28 x 28 x 28cm


But in the end, I got 4 of the cheapest ones that Ikea do! They are called Drona and I got 4 of them in white, £2.50 each. The reason I didn’t go for any of those cute options above (they are for for my daughter’s room) is that everything is up in the air at the moment and I haven’t got a fully formed plan for the room…I don’t even know if the Expedit will stay in this room. So I just needed something totally neutral (and preferably cheap!) to do the job.

From the options above I would’ve chosen the Cream weave box from Wilko, as it’s neutral too and has great reviews about looking more expensive than it is, but in the end the Ikea price won out. I can always customise the Drona boxes later to go with whatever plan I end up choosing.

Until next time x

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