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My birthday is coming up soon! Yay. Which means that family members are starting to ask me what I’d like as a present. This is very, very welcome at the moment, as we are going to be down to our last penny just as the house is barely habitable – it certainly won’t have stuff like furniture! (Not that I’d ask for anything as expensive as furniture.) Here are some things which I’d love to have in our “new” house….

Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana) 190cm tall, £39 from Ikea

Kentia Palm Ikea

I know the house won’t feel like home until it has some nice big tropical-feeling plants in it. Ikea does lots of palms but this is the large 190cm tall one, which would be lovely!

Hettich ‘Pro Decor’ Zenga Handles, £5.70 each from Handles 4 Doors

Hettich Pro Decor Zenga Handle

These handles are a strong contender for my new wall of cupboards in the kitchen diner. I’d need 4 of them, and they come in both left and right handed styles ie: the bulgy bit can be on whichever side you want.

Denby Halo Storage Jar, £22.00 at Debenhams

Denby Halo Storage Jar

I’m on the lookout for some pretty containers to keep tea, coffee etc out on the kitchen countertops. Although I’m aiming to minimise stuff on the counters, I think it’s ok if they’ve earned their spot by being used several times a day. I’d like something ceramic with a wooden lid (my first plan was all wooden, but decided that would absorb coffee smells and colour). Turns out ceramic with wooden lids are quite expensive! But I absolutely love this speckled container by Denby, it makes me smile. Also, it can go in the dishwasher – me and this container are on the same wavelength. Rather than have containers with “Tea”, “Coffee” etc written on them (which for some reason winds me up – maybe because it reminds me of when people have “Sleep” written above the bed, “Eat” written in the dining room, “Cook” written in the kitchen – why does nobody ever just go ahead and have “Sh..” “Poo” written in the toilet? I’d applaud that), I think it would be cute to have them the same shape but different colours and sizes eg: this one, the same one in black, then two smaller sizes in black and white. The smaller ones will have to come from elsewhere as Denby don’t make them. You know you’re onto a winner when you’re tempted to refer to the inanimate object as “He” (“He can even go in the dishwasher”…)

Bodum Assam or Eileen Tea Press, £27.54 or £40.02 from Amazon

I’ve wanted a tea press since I had a really delicious cup of tea from one at my sister’s house. Unlike a teapot, with the Bodum tea presses you can stop the brewing when the tea gets to the desired strength, so it doesn’t just go on stewing. Then you just keep getting perfect-strength tea from the press. This is the Assam tea press:

Bodum Assam Tea Press

I much prefer the look of the Eileen tea press, below, but the reviews aren’t as good:

Bodum Eileen Tea Press

French basket ‘Emma’, £26 from Le Papillon Vert

Le Papillon Vert French Basket

I’m planning on using the back of the larder door for storage – very lightweight storage (it’s a cheap hollowcore door). As the inside of the door is visible from the living room, I want the storage to be pretty and decorative too. I’m thinking I could hang a couple of these beautiful baskets on the back of the door and they would hold light stuff like bags of popcorn, rice cakes, crackers, plastic carrier bags etc. Or, I could hang one in the hallway to hold bits and bobs. I might not put this on my birthday list because we’re going for a little break in France at the end of summer and I’ll be gutted if I see some there for a fraction of the price! I hate missing a bargain, even if it’s someone else’s money (a gift)!

Double Wheelie Bin Store, £99.99 from Greenfingers.com

Greenfingers Wheelie Bin Store

This would have to be a joint pressie from a few people. Not very glamorous, I know, but it’s tempting me because I’m excited about the exterior makeover of the house just as much as the interior, and I don’t want it to be marred by the two big wheelie bins that live by the front door. I could paint this bin store a nice colour, or stain it, and it would look quite smart. It’s much cheaper than most double bin stores I’ve come across, but the reviews are good so hopefully it’s not like a bunch of matchsticks.

Tribe Shaded Table Lamp, £99 from Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Tribe Shaded Table Lamp


Ooh, lovely. This would also need to be a joint pressie, or one which I can just put birthday money towards, as it’s expensive. Tomorrow there’s 20% off homewares at M&S, so I think I’ll get it then – £80’s not as bad as £100!

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