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While doing research for my house extension, I’ve been pinging around the internet like a pinball in a machine. On the way I’ve come across some really helpful websites, giving clear and simple guidance on a whole bunch of topics. I’d like to share them with you here (I’ll update the list as I find more:


House Plans Helper

Tells you about room sizes (eg: what’s the minimum room size for a single bed), clearances (eg: how much space do you need around a dining table), how to lay out furniture in certain room sizes etc. So helpful.

House Plans Helper


This Extractor Fan Word article

They sell extractor fans, but the article isn’t just a sales pitch it has really useful simply explained info about the different extractor fan options.

Paving Expert

Everything you need to know about paving and hard-landscaping options, whether it’s gravel, block paving, concrete, resin-bound. Explains it really well so that even I can understand.

Paving Expert


Planning Permission Portal

To help you figure out whether or not the works you have in mind will need planning permission.

Fit My Wood Floor

This is the website of a guy who fits wood/laminate floors (sadly not in my area), and I’ve found his blog very useful. Without his site I may have ended up with a warped laminate floor as it would never have crossed my mind that maybe a new concrete floor might be too damp to lay flooring on. There are a lot more articles than the list of Recent Posts you see on the right – try using  the Google search box at the top to find what you’re looking for.

Fit My Wood Floor


Mike the Boiler Man

Good honest advice from someone who obviously knows what he’s talking about. It’s not totally idiot proof though – I also needed this article from TheGreenAge to tell me the difference between a vented and unvented central heating system.

Drain Domain

I stumbled on this site when I was confused about soil vent pipes, of all things. Living the dream. If you’re clueless like me, and for some reason need to know things like “what exactly is that big pipe which runs down the outside of my house”, this should help.


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  1. Joanne Hope

    Thanks fo the information re telephone pole removal. It is very useful but, I’m a bit confused about where to send the notice to. There are two addresses, one in Liverpool which I sent my first letter to and am awaiting a reply and one in York. Did you send a letter to both or did you wait 28 days and then send the same letter to the address in York?

    In anticipation


    1. Post

      Hi Joanne,
      Unless Openreach have changed their procedure since I wrote, it is the Liverpool address they want you to use (not than the York one). Technically, they want you to ring 0800 023 2023 Option 3 and use their template, then send it to whatever address is given on the template. Good luck, I hope you have success with your pole removal!

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