Internal Windows

Internal Windows

I’m planning an internal window in the wall which will be between the dining area and the living room. I’m a bit nervous about the idea, because it might have the potential to look awful – whenever I see them on home programmes (Homes Under The Hammer, Secret Agent etc etc), people are saying how ugly/weird they are and how they need to GO.

But look how beautiful they can be!:

Image Source

And I have very practical reasons for wanting one:

1) The dining area won’t have any windows of its own. It will be borrowing light from the current kitchen windows (north facing, and at the other end of the room), from the doorway into the living room, and a smidgen from the doorway into the hall. I really want as much natural light as possible, and think it could do with all it can get.

I’m guessing the middle room in this picture is benefitting quite a bit from the light reaching it through the internal window.

Image source

2) I need a window not a door, because it will allow more flexible furniture arrangements in the living room. I’ll be able to put a sofa under it, and in the dining area the space underneath the window solves the problem of where to put a radiator.

Sofa in front of internal window

Image Source

3) I’d like a window not a door, because I don’t want the living room to feel open plan with the kitchen/diner…I want it to feel cosier and more enclosed than that.

Cosy kitchen with internal window

Image source

3) The internal window will line up with the window in the living room, which will look out over the garden. So when you’re standing right at the front of the house in the kitchen, you’ll be able to see straight through to the garden.

This is a mockup I did using Roomsketcher, of the viewpoint as it will be when standing with your back to the kitchen window (front of house) – it shows the internal window, and the window beyond which will overlook the garden:
View from sink

And this will be the view from the other direction (approximately…this is just the furniture etc that Roomsketcher had available):

View from rear window

 From that angle, it looks like I might be able to see all the junk on those kitchen surfaces while I’m lounging on the sofa.  But the good thing about Roomsketcher is that you can set the camera to any height, so here it is set to “Eye-level-height-while-parked-on-the-sofa”, for example:
View from sofa
Looks like the junk will be just out of eyesight :) That’s another benefit of a window over a door, which I’d forgotten about. (Better get a built-in fridge though…or at least a prettier one than the one I’ve got in real life now.)
Until next time x

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