Thanks for taking time to look around my blog today. I write this from my little house in Dorset, on the south coast of England, where I live a happy life with my husband, 7-year old daughter and two cats.

I’ve always been a homebody, but these days I am totally head over heels for all things housey. I just love looking at houses, thinking about them, watching programmes about them….and I’d talk about them all day too if it wouldn’t bore all my in-the-flesh friends and family! So I get to talk about it here instead :)

I remember when I discovered home decor and thriftiness blogs for the first time, I spent hours devouring them in one sitting. I’ve never been a huge fan of home magazines but these blogs were different. Written by real people ingeniously using what they had…making beautiful homes. They fuelled my passion for homes and my interest really took off. For a while there my focus moved temporarily onto minimalism blogs and clean eating (while I was feeling a bit daft for being so interested in something as frivolous as having a pretty house), but then I loosened up a bit and am going with everything that floats my boat! Which still includes minimalism and clean eating.

You’ll find that behind the interest in pretty stuff, there is a background of disliking waste, wanting to cut down on possessions, wanting to be a little “greener”, and certainly being CHEAP wanting to save money!

Why “Pretty Clean and Simple”?

I like the name because it’s everything I want my home to be. I want it to be Pretty and Clean and Simple…but I’m also striving to be happy with just “pretty clean”, rather than “spotless”.  (Hence no comma after Pretty.  Just call me the Punctuation Police.) I’m trying to learn that it’s better to do something, and it not be perfect, than to never get it done at all. This should result in me having a cleaner house, which will make me very happy. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I hope you enjoy looking round.